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Kylie Minogue - Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Because it’s legendary and iconic as well as a pop masterpiece.  

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A couple of things I thought I’d put out there:

  • I am not a slut. A person being naked is not a slut. A naked body is not inherently sexual. Stop slut-shaming.
  • I am not your babe. I am not your doll. I am not your honey. I am not your sweetie. I am not your anything. Do not call me any sort of pet name because I am not yours.
  • This body you see here? That’s mine. This blog you are following? That’s mine. I am not here for you; I am here for my enjoyment. My becoming somewhat popular was an absolute fluke where the planets all aligned and a unicorn rode a shooting star. Idk why it happened but it did and since then, a large amount of people have felt the need to try to manipulate me into doing something they want. I am not a toy for you. I am not an escape from your marriage. I am not going to have any kind of sexual relations with you. If you like how I look or you like my personality, thanks! But do not expect anything from me because you like what you see and do not beg or get angry that I will not obey you. I do not belong to you. I belong to myself. This will never change.


Word. Respect women’s freedom to do with their body as they please and remember that they do it for them and not for us, men.



this never gets old.

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Loving you made me hard, and sick of having such an open heart and afraid that everyone who claimed to love me is a liar. Now I’m closed off at best and silent most days and I’ve never really trusted people. But now my best friend is sick of wondering if I’m ok and my heart is all over but no one can see it. Now I’m mostly empty and often defeated. Loving you was the best thing that ever happened to me. But it was an opportunity that ended before I had the chance to show you my best qualities. I’m afraid that you feel sick when you think of me. Loving you gave me hope and kept me alive for awhile and it gave me a future when all I wanted was to die. And it may have turned me into a piece of shit in the end and maybe it was all a game of pretend. And maybe now I’m too damn scared to put my heart on the line. But some of the best days of my stupid life were the days when you were mine.


girl: he cheated on me

me: then break up with him

girl: but-

me: bye

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